Mobile Commerce

New and the smart stage of the E-commerce is M-commerce. E-commerce has given the birth to the M-commerce. The new and the easy tool to perform many online purposes like shopping, Mailing, Billing, and Banking is M-commerce.

The main reason behind the popularity of the m-commerce is that- in the previous time when e-commerce was in trend, everyone was seeking websites as medium to perform all the online tasks but after the successful launch of m-commerce people are using applications which he or she can install in his or her smartphones and can perform all the same tasks in an easy way.


Development of E-Commerce to M-Commerce

Development of application consumes fewer amounts as compared to the development of the websites. Mobile Application maintenance is less amount taking as compared to the maintenance of the website. At Neo Softwares, we develop various applications which you can use to solve your online tasks.

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